Sustainable Living Center

Rey Cooley (she/her), Walla Walla Valley Farm to School, Program Manager

Education Regional Hub Coordinator

Morrow & Umatilla County

"Knowledge is a collective enterprise, without it, understanding is impossible" - Jane Rule, author

No one has all the answers, together though we could come closer than if alone. Education is a collaborative and a lifelong process that is most effective when we have the proper nutrients/sustenance required and are curious enough to explore, inquire and listen to what Mother Nature has to teach us.

A former high school teacher, turned project manager then Chef and farmer who has experience with in and out of school programming. Have a passion for sustainable agriculture and leaving the earth better than I found it. Want to instill the same passion in our younger generations for a healthier, more equitable and sustainable world. 


Rey Cooley


Karen Wagner (she/her)

Farm to School/School Garden Education Manager

Procurement Regional Hub Coordinator

I have lived in & worked on eastern Oregon food & farm systems for 20 years. This follows my passion and path around the globe, seeing & feeling the critical place food and agriculture hold in all cultures and landscapes.  From farmers' markets,  to food banks, food assessments to food hubs, F2S and school gardens (and their opposites), I know how vital appropriate, regenerative agriculture and learning are to a healthy life on Earth. I have hoed many rows and am grateful to be working one now with such talented,  like-minded people. We are part of a growing movement to change the status quo. Together we will make the difference needed for the 21st century, adding great value to the communities we work with.