The Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network (OFSSGN) supports farm to school and school garden stakeholders in their work to incorporate healthy, local food into school meals and to implement farm- and garden-based education. We provide resources, technical assistance, training, networking opportunities, and advocacy for Oregon’s farm to school and school garden community.

Together, we’re bringing more money to Oregon farmers, providing healthy local food in school meals, and educating kids about where their food comes from and how it’s grown! Since 2011, the OFSSGN and our partners have successfully advocated for over $25 million in state funding for grants to Oregon schools to purchase Oregon foods and to provide farm and garden-based education, and we have convened regular Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Conferences, which draw nearly 400 participants from across the state.

For questions about our programs, including technical assistance, resources, and networking opportunities, please contact Melina Barker, Program Coordinator: melina(at)oregonfarmtoschool.org or (541) 890-7004.

For other questions about the organization, please contact Megan Kemple, Director: megan(at)oregonfarmtoschool.org or (541) 344-4329.