Equity Statement: Oregon Farm to School & School Garden Network is committed to addressing racial and social (including economic/educational) inequities within the farm to school movement. OFSSGN is integrating equity and justice principles and practices into all areas of the organization’s programming and spheres of influence. This means welcoming and engaging in difficult conversations, embracing the discomfort of facing our own complicity in systemic oppression, and continuously integrating our learning into our policies, programs, and practices.

About the working group: The work of this group is to continue to hold the organization accountable, evaluate the work that is being done, and advise the organization on the means of achieving their strategic goals relating to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. This working group is tasked with connecting, advising, and directing the work and leadership of the network.

For a more detailed description of the working group please see the following document: 2023 live document working group description.

Membership application: Please reach out to bailey@oregonfarmtoschool.org if you have any questions you'd like answered before filling out this application. Note that none of the following questions about group affiliation, membership, or identify will disqualify you from potential membership in the DEI Committee, they are included solely to gather information

If you prefer to do a verbal application, please email us to set up a phone call, we are happy to accommodate.

Applications are open through May 8th.

DEIJ Working Group Application

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