Steering Committee Nominations

The Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network is guided by a Steering Committee. The steering committee is empowered to:

1) Provide guidance and oversight for the organization’s strategic plan, program priorities and other program related decisions;

2) Prioritize and make recommendations to state agencies & leadership and policy making bodies in Oregon, on behalf of the OFSSGN;

3) Provide administrative oversight as requested or required by the OFSSGN’s fiscal sponsor.

The steering committee provides leadership by:

  • Keeping the OFSSGN focused on its mission 
  • Monitoring OFSSGN’s progress toward priorities outlined in Strategic Plan
  • Holding the OFSSGN accountable to its equity strategies and goals.

Steering Committee terms are three years, and open slots are filled by members nominated and voted on annually by those actively involved in the Network. Approximately one third of the Steering Committee will be up for election each year. We encourage and welcome Black, Native American, and people of color, women, LGBTQ2SIA people, religious minorities, recent migrants/refugees, differently abled, and applicants from different generational and economic backgrounds to apply. We are also seeking applicants who represent farmers and food producers, youth, school food service, and healthcare organizations.

The deadline to apply is May 15th, 2023. Current steering committee members will be voting for nominated individuals in May 2023.

OFSSGN Steering Committee Self Nomination Form

Please fill out the information below to apply to serve on the Steering Committee.

Your Name
Please note that if school-based staff are elected to the committee, calls may consistently take place in the late afternoon/evening, after the school day is over. The Steering Committee may work to identify opportunities to gather in-person, usually no more than once per year, as funding and member capacity allows.
Subcommittees and Working Groups
Besides our Steering Committee, the OFSSGN has a variety of subcommittees and working groups. We ask that each steering committee member sit on at least one additional committee. Committees with a *star* are current recruitment priorities. Select which group(s) you would like to join here.

*Subcommittees and working groups can include people who are not also members of the full Steering Committee. If you are interested in joining a subcommittee or working group, but not the Steering Committee, please email Melina Barker ( to be connected directly with the appropriate committee chair for more information about joining that committee.

We strive to eliminate any barriers that may keep potential Steering Committee members from participating. We may have funding available to support childcare needs, as requested. Please let us know if any childcare, transportation, language/translation/communication needs, accessibility modifications or other accommodations would help you to fully participate.