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Getting Started With Farm to School!

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There is no one way to do Farm to School!

Programs take many forms. We recommend you start small and celebrate your successes along the way. Build a team and work collaboratively with school nutrition, administration, teachers, students and families. Be creative and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Include your school community whenever possible whether it’s for events, tasting new recipes or making decisions about school menus. 

Getting Started Resources


Harvest of the Month is a great way to get started with local purchasing. Pick one item that is in season each month to feature on the salad and/or hot bar. Add promotional materials, sampling, and educational connections as well. Maybe even invite the farmer/producer to school for a visit! 


Promoting local food is important for farm to school success. Students get excited when they know the food came from a local farm or their own school garden. The Oregon Department of Education has created some great materials to accompany your Oregon purchases.

  • Oregon Harvest for Schools These promotional materials were designed for use in the cafeteria, classroom and at home. They include  posters, newsletters, item identifiers, and more. They pair well with a Harvest of the Month program featuring a local product each month. 
  • The Oregon Department of Agriculture is creating some promotional materials for producers that can be used to promote local producers and their products
  • Consider inviting producers to the lunchroom to offer samples or eat with students 
  • Offer tasting tables or samples on the lunch line that students can try and consider offering a way for students to vote or express their opinion

Inspiration from fellow F2S programs

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