Rebecca Slosberg (she/her)

Rogue Valley Farm to School, Education Director

Education Hub Lead

Jackson & Josephine Counties

I have been working with Rogue Valley Farm to School for most of its life as an organization (over a decade) and it has been exciting and amazing to watch it evolve.  We continue to evolve and I love working together as a small team to be creative and find the best way to connect kids with food, gardens, and farms.  Being outside with students and watching them make a connection or find a peaceful contented moment is what makes this work meaningful for me.

We are striving to form strong partnerships with the schools we work with to really integrate a culture of health through our garden and farm programs.  I'm excited about moving towards the place where we feel like Rogue Valley Farm to School is an integral part of our communities.

Rebecca Slosberg
Abigail Blinn

Abigail Blinn (she/her)

 Procurement Coordinator/RARE AmeriCorps Member

Procurement Hub Lead

Jackson & Josephine Counties

Working in partnership with Rogue Valley Farm to School and Rogue Valley Food System Network, I am in a position to leverage food and farm business, as well as relationships with schools and other institutions to increase local purchasing in the region. I have a background in nutritional science as a Registered Dietitian and have focused much of my work on food access and food systems.

I've worked in community development with a nutrition/health lens since 2018. My passion for contributing to a local food system all community members can be a part of has added energy and capacity towards food access issues in a variety of settings. I've worked with New Hampshire Farm to School program, Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network on the state-wide level, Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, Adams County Food Policy Council in Pennsylvania, and the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition, and now can hone in on my skills/interests here in Southern Oregon. Having a strong farm to school program in the state is a huge asset -  and one that can help address wicked, complex problems with the current food system!