Liz Habley (she/her)

Community Food Systems Manager, Corvallis Environmental Center

Procurement Hub Coordinator

Linn & Benton Counties

Liz joined OFSSGN in May of 2022 serving in Linn and Benton Counties where she lives and works.  Liz has worked in food systems for the past 10 years, focusing on elementary, middle school, high school, and community gardens as well as preventing food waste, building community partnerships, and providing produce to feed the community.  She loves both the aspects of getting her hands in the soil and working with people to see Farm to School programming come to fruition.

The procurement focuses for Linn and Benton counties are to meet and plan with all of the school districts to understand and begin to break down their barriers to buying local, and to get more local producers listed on the Oregon Harvest for Schools Directory.


Liz Bio

Michel Wiman (she/her)

Corvallis Environmental Center Farm to School Educator

Education Hub Coordinator

Linn & Benton Counties

There is nothing more fundamental and revelatory than helping a child harvest and eat food right from a garden. From the time I was in kindergarten and was taught some traditional Native plant uses, my work experiences have been most fulfilling when teaching a child something about the plants around them and the food they eat every day. As a parent volunteer in school gardens, I understand some of the challenges teachers and administrators face in exploring hands-on, outdoor learning in school settings. My teaching experience in food systems and sustainable agriculture so far allows me to be a matchmaker for resources and collaborations. Teachers and school staff are my heroes, and I will do whatever I can to connect them with resources to facilitate garden learning. Please reach out if you are a teacher, school staff or parent volunteer interested in engaging students in garden or outdoor education in Benton County.