The 2022 conference will be held virtually, with sessions spread out across February 14th-25th, 2022


Sessions offered February 14th-18th are focused on incorporating local food into school meals

Nutrition services schedule

Sessions offered February 22nd -26th are focused on farm and garden based education

Ed schedule

Call for session proposals!

We hope you will consider sharing your knowledge and skills with peers across the state. In 2022, we’d like to focus on building connections and sharing specific programs that are succeeding in Oregon. It has been, and continues to be, a difficult time for farm to school stakeholders. Child nutrition professionals, educators, and producers have each faced so many challenges since our last Conference in Feb. 2020. We want to make the 2022 Conference an opportunity to focus on nourishing and supporting each other by offering workshops that provide tools and resources, ground-tested strategies, inspiration, and self-care in tough times. 

Do you have a new program element you want to share? How about tried and true practices that everyone should know about? Ideas for facilitated conversations you’d like to have with your peers? Let’s find strength and resilience through connecting and sharing.

We hope you will consider offering a 75-min workshop or a 7-min Lightning Talk! 

Workshop Proposals: Workshops will be 75 min and we encourage you to build in time to interact as a group or in small groups. Submit proposals here.

Lightning Talk Proposals: Lightning Talks are short presentations of 7 min with 20-30 slides that showcase innovative program elements, creative ideas, and provide inspiration. We’re hoping to have many of you share bright spots in your programming that may ignite a spark for your peers. We encourage child nutrition professionals, producers, garden educators, classroom teachers, food educators, and youth to share the important farm to school work you are part of in your communities. Submit proposals here

*Please submit your proposals by Friday December 10th, 2021* 

~We expect to notify applicants with selection decisions by January 1st, 2022~

Looking for some topic inspiration?! Consider..


Farm and school garden based education

  • Best practices, curriculum and/or resources for: school garden-based education/ farm-based education/ school garden and food education
  • Establishing and maintaining school gardens
  • Developing and supporting school garden committees
  • Engaging diverse student populations 
  • Engaging diverse learners and special needs students 
  • Successful models for social-emotional health and behavior management in school garden education
  • Engaging underserved populations (i.e. rural, low-income, immigrant and/or refugee)
  • Trauma-informed education
  • Youth-led programming
  • Engaging volunteers
  • Engaging families and communities
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers
  • Program evaluation
  • Funding and sustaining your program
  • Research that supports Farm and/or Garden Education 
  • Educational activities for preschool
  • Educational activities for middle school and high school students 
  • Summer Farm to School Programs
  • School composting
  • Waste audits
  • Garden education for early childhood (ECE)
  • Building multi-sector partnerships
  • Cooking with kids and/or food safety in the school garden
  • Education in the cafeteria 
  • Farm to school event planning
  • Successfully using school (or site-based) garden food in student meals

Incorporating local food into school meals

  • Getting started with local purchasing
  • Seasonal menu planning
  • Culturally appropriate meal planning
  • Finding local Oregon foods and products
  • Buying local Oregon foods and products
  • Regional Breakout: finding local foods in your region
  • Tasting tables/ Tastings 
  • Selling to schools, preschools, and child food programs (for producers)  
  • Incorporating local food and/or school garden produce into your meal program  (include recipes, practical uses, and how it credits)
  • Q & A with food service staff with successful farm to school experience
  • Oregon Department of Education’s Farm to School Grants for procurement of Oregon foods
  • Promoting and marketing your farm to cafeteria program
  • Education in the cafeteria 
  • Food safety
  • Procurement tips for ECE providers
  • Trainings for kitchen staff to cook with/use new local foods